Monday, July 13, 2009

Un planted and Unplugged

Lets begin with the Un planted portion:

The seed of truth has been revealed and pulled the hell out of Bek's ear. Thank God for medical technologies. You won't hear me say that often so when I do I mean it.

Holy crap Beks was in pain for over 3 weeks. We went through some serious bullshit to find the truth of what was ailing her. I'm glad I didn't just listen to the first doctor. He told us she just had a scar on her ear drum. Dumb fuck. Yeah just because you have a medical degree doesn't mean you get to be lazy with your observations. Shit head, made my baby go through another 7 days of unnecessary pain.

As stated in my previous post, I developed a slight obsession after purchasing my own otoscope so I could eye ball this source of pain myself. I was suspicious that this doctor didn't have it right, but of course we are trained from infancy to blindly trust the man in the white coat. "He will always know what is best for us", WHAT EVER.......SHEEP! Considering I did doubt my gut instinct that the doc was full of shit, I have to take responsibility for my girls pain.

A good observant and confident mother or father can know a lot more than an MD in most cases.

I couldn't take it anymore and made an appt for her with a different doctor. This doc put a tool in Bek's ear and that tool moved the "scar". Huh, a scar that moves and when it does, looks like a damn tiny apple seed.

The doc said, she didn't have the equipment to remove it because it was fused pretty firmly to the wall of the ear.

Here is the video of the specialist with the bad ass equipment to get 'ER done. He pulls it out pretty quick so I have added a picture of the culprit below.


Its a damn flax seed. Come to find out so many moons ago when I was telling her to NOT play in my flax seeds, (that I use to make hot/cold packs to sooth sore muscles) I wasn't just trying to be a controlling bitch of a mother and had a damn good reason for saying, "knock that off."

You know I had to rub this in a little with the snotty mouthed little 6year old. "Now honey, next time will you listen when mom says, don't rain flax seeds all over your head?"

NOTE: in the picture you see some stuff sticking up out of the seed. That is mostly wax but some was skin. Her skin was beginning to fuse to the seed.

Now for the Unplugged portion:

My Bek's is not only a snotty mouthed 6 year old. She is also bold, tenacious and quit thinking FLIPPIN GENIUS. I love you kid.

So as we are leaving and so very thankful to the specialist, Beks stops the doc and says,

"ya know my mom got this obsession with the ears ever since she bought herself an otoscope, so now she sees in her own ear and there is this giant glob of gross stuff in there she can't get out. I saw it. Its really gross, can you help her since we are already here?"

For no charge Mr. Cool Specialist man say, "sure, lets get that out."

I lay down and here is what happens

I know it doesn't look like much but trust me it was quite the impressive mass.

It all hits me after seeing this thing come out that I have been partially deaf for about 4 years now. I stopped using q-tips about 4 years ago when I learned they were really not helpful in removing wax. So that means this plug had to be there at least that long. Not to mention telling my husband (wrongly) for years he needs to stop mumbling, might have eventually jacked with my harmonious union.

You really know things were bad when you go to use the phone to tell your old man the exciting news and the ring tone hurts your ear drum so bad you drop the phone and want to cry.

I whispered for the first few days and the kids incessant screeching and howling hurt like a bitch but its all starting to feel normal. I do of course have super sonic hearing now.

Oh I can't wait for the next adventure.

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  1. EEEwww! At least it wasn't a cockroach stuck in there eating away at her ear drum, gag. Oh and I wonder if it could have started sprouting? I'm glad you caught it in time before it completely fused with her ear! Way to go, mama!