Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Shoveling it

and I'm using my mini shovel.

I get these spectacular ideas from my everyday life and inspirations from wonderful writers. I feel the ideas well up inside of me and grow, like a flower being filmed on some nature show in fast forward. The seed is planted, the bud peeks out of the ground and before you know it you have a full on stem and leaf unfurling itself for all to see and all this within 30 seconds or so. That is how my ideas blossom. One problem, I'm scatter brained and unorganized. I get too many ideas and think they are all the bee's knees but before I get a chance to write them down or even jot a note on my had to recall the inspiration for later blogging, something comes along to distract, dismay or detour my enlightenment.

Currently I have a severe double ear infection my eustation tubes are full and I can't hear anyone unless they are looking right at me. My own words spoken are like a booming Megaphone only I can hear. When your voice is that loud, you realize you talk to damn much and maybe what you have to say really is not that important. I long for silence.

So I sit and I wait for my hearing to come back so I can once again fill my mind, my hand, my scraps of paper, and my blog with my mind boggling epiphanies and clusterfucks of spiffy ideas. I swear I have been having pages upon pages of mind blowing ideas. Unfortunately my illness and all my nagging children leave me with only the shitter invention. So it's all yours.

To keep things visually interesting here is my latest "clusterfuck" of an idea. Personally I don't think its such a bad idea. Of course my family laughs at me.

We are planning a roughin' it camping trip. The camp site does provide port-o-potties. I refuse to use a shared-shit-shack, that's just nasty as hell. My husband doesn't believe in spending a lot of money. So I have to get inventive using very little money sometimes.

Here you go:

First you need a head strap light(for those night trips to the shitter)

You need a 5 or 7 gallon bucket with the bottom cut out (so your shit can fall to the hole you have dug in the ground)

Use an old wire hanger to create a toilet paper holder and some toilet paper. Get your kids toilet ring so they don't fall in. Or you can go to your local R.E.I and get one of these.

You put it all together and you have sanitary shitters for you and your family.

Don't forget to buy a mini shovel for those shit holes

For my frugal husband, all this only cost us 9 bucks......the cost of the head light. Which I'm sure we will find many other uses for. The rest of it, we already had around the house. Unless you decide to chip in for the fancy potty seat for 12.99. Oooohh we could be livin' large darlin'.


  1. OMG... I love it. Because the whole Port-A-Potty thing is just freakin gross. And so are the personal "portable" potty type things they sell. I like your hole in the ground with a raised seat thing so much better. Now, if I could just convince the hubby to go camping...

  2. Hahaha this is awesome Hope. I love you and your crazy ideas!!!