Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Personal Letter Just For You

Dear friends and hungry voyeurs,

I was given the gift of my own blog site from a wonderful and talented friend. He is in the process of working with me to put it all together. I realize I have so much to learn and it will take some time. So in between fixing the problems of 4 other human beings lives I will be in MY NEW BLOG SITE working to create a reader friendly environment. I would appreciate any ideas or critiques on how I can improve the site. I have been overwhelmed with life and have not written anything new lately......DON'T GIVE UP ON ME! It is important to me that you are reading my words. You matter to me and your input is valued, so please don't be silent.

Onlyaman has already transferred all of my work from this blog to the new site so you can skip reading here and just go there. Here is hoping I am a talented enough parent to tire out the small people living in my home so I am free to write a new blog before I lose your attention.

See you in my new place,

Love Hope

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