Sunday, July 12, 2009

I Will Push You, and You Will Like It

or you can just leave now

You are on a road, you're heading places. The life you live everyday leads you to a new adventure. Take control of that adventure. Make it what you want it to be. Don't allow fears and doubts to weaken you. If you continue to let the fears drive, you will lose yourself and become one of drones in this world hobbling around on one brain cell being supported by every pharmaceutical imaginable. Those drugs are fine for those unable to climb out of their shit, but you are capable.

You hold yourself back, limiting your existence. You can do so much more. I hope you see it soon. Your family and friends are being strongly effected by your fears. The toxic words that flow from you are proof that the control is slowly slipping from your hands. You tell yourself you're not good enough. You say you just CAN'T do things.


I saw you take a chance. I saw you come out of your shell and be alive. You can do it. You are capable. You're such a beautiful person. I don't think you see it. Such a shame to be wasting the person you are meant to be. What a pathetic existence. If pity is what your after then turn and run from me. I won't pity you. I won't enable this behavior. I will challenge you and push your limits to help you create the person you want to be, back on the road you are meant for.

I have seen what happens when the weakness in people takes over. I refuse to condone or promote this in anyone I see on a regular basis. So know, if you are around me I will be up your ass to help you get better. I will set boundaries that may feel like rejection but I never reject. I only love. If I have to step back from your toxic behavior it's only so I can continue to be the strong person I need to be to help you get back up on your own two feet. So hopefully someday you too can push someone else to stand strong.

You can't tell me I just don't understand. I have been in the room of fear and so many other rooms of hell. I climbed out, and so can you. It's a slow process for most, I understand that. Some progress will be made though and you will move forward. Do it, I challenge you.

I call you out WOMAN.


  1. Okay, okay, okay! Dang! LOL. Seriously, this is pretty inspirational and I could so benefit from being your neighbor though I don't think I'm doing too bad as far as motivation to be a better person goes, though there's always room for improvement. Plus, we could evict evil pit bull lady and I could live there, lol.

  2. Oh I love you Melissa. You are doing a kick ass job of being motivated and changing your life to make it what you want. I'm so proud of you every time we talk.

  3. Shit... you DID write this to me, right? You didn't? Oh. Never mind, forget I said anything, then.

    Why am I so capable of saying things like that to everyone else, but have such a hard time applying it to ME?

  4. Kay,

    Its a bitch applying it in your own life until you learn to love yourself as much as you love everyone else.