Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sevichi Is A Safe Alternative

Hold your loved ones close, cause this is going to get ugly.

There is a silent danger out in the stores. Just willy nilly left out on a shelf for anyone to purchase. You don't have to have a degree or a licence of any kind, just about eleven dollars.

This item is so dangerous it drove a perfectly sane woman to do this to herself.

So I am sending out this warning. Don't purchase one of these.
Its a bad no no stay away

OH the horrors it showed me


Inside my ears....NOOOOOOO

This one is the inside of my daughter's ear. She has a scar that is healing. This little scar was the entire reason for even considering such a dangerous (purchase)weapon of T.M.I

See the little scar? Isn't it so cute

So now that you have been warned, you may have some desire anyway to go out and do something horrible and buy one of these otoscope things. I implore you to please just read on and do what I suggest instead.

First purchase a nice pound or two of Halibut.
Then cube the Halibut
Then put it in a class dish so its all spread out evenly.
Squeeze 2.5 lemons and 3 Limes over the top of the Halibut
Let stand for at least 3 hours on the counter. Keeping it covered with saran wrap.

Now dice up a good handful of tomatoes
some cilantro (to your tastes)
roast a bell pepper then dice

Add all that stuff to your now citrus cooked fish. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper and mix

Then make some sort of taco or burrito with your delicious Sevichi


  1. Have you tried making sevichi with shrimp? Yum! Now tell me please, how does ear candling relate to food? ;)

  2. YUM.

    (the sevichi, not the ear candling.)

  3. It doesn't relate to food. I was just being silly.