Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Do NOT Self Diagnose

Little girl.

You lie.

You tell folks that care about you that you have some horrible life altering mental condition.

You are really OK.

You just need some reality without violence to scare off your old memories.

Your not seeing monsters and ghosties in your twilight hours.

Your mind is finally old enough to deal with the horrible things you saw as a wee one and its now releasing them into your consciousness.

You are not sick.

You will be ok.

Stop dooming your existence.

For goodness sake you are loved, trust that.....not the dark shadows of your lying mind.

Talk and ask questions EDUCATE yourself. The light will come.


  1. thanks so much for reading it. I love the encouragement and support

  2. I hope the best for the person('s) this was written about/for.