Saturday, June 6, 2009

Go with the flow

I met the me of 20yrs from now. She is wonderful. Long flowing gray hair, skin worn but in all the right smile line places, eyes bright, and mood optimistic. Her body is plump but she doesn't show any signs of shame. Her manner is flowing and friendly and open she is very receptive. She is living happily with her husband and last few children under 18yrs old. Taking time to go to college, paint, read, inspire,love,being bold, fearing nothing, listening to those little voices and believing the inspirational premonition style dreams that have filled our minds since we can remember dreaming.

What a blessing it was to speak with her today. It's not often you meet someone of such a drastically different age that can relate to you so well. We shared our various stories over a period of maybe 4 hours. I asked her questions as if I might never see her again. I felt as if I were in a story I read once by Richard Bach called "The Bridge Across Forever".

Considering I had just met this woman here in my front yard during my yard sale, you might think I was being forward asking such questions as, " why didn't you choose to tell him you lost the babies?" or "do you have any techniques to improve how often you have those kinds of dreams?" Even though I believe she knew I only asked the questions to confirm my own suspicions that I already knew the answers. My questions flowed to her and were received warmly. She answered openly and honestly and with great detail. As I would to anyone who asked me anything. I am always amazed when I can have such a strong connection to someone like this (without the aid of shrooms). She understood me as I understood her. It was like we really were one person standing in this yard at 2 different stages of our one life.

So, once again I am thankful for going with the flow of the day. My plan to have a successful yard sale were stamped out by the entrance of this charming lady. She was my first customer selling her 50 dollars worth of my stuff, which she picked out and paid for during the first 5 minutes she was on my lawn. During the time she and I spoke(4hours) we were only interrupted once by a woman who was 87 years old. I don't want to freak you out but she too was a wonderful and bold person with stories of strength and triumph. She left after only 30 minutes as she was quite tired and needed to rest and we understood. Her presence was also a good and warm feeling. Hours later it occurred to me how she too was connected to this experience we shared.

I'm going to set up again for another yard sale tomorrow. My hope is my future self will return and we can sit and talk for a few more hours. Understanding that life doesn't always flow how I want it to, I might just end up with selling all my crap and making 300 dollars. That would work for me too.


  1. How nice that you met "yourself" and was able to have a pleasant conversation. Good luck with your garage sale today! I hope you get stuff sold

  2. what a neat thing to experience!