Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Urban Dictionary

I swear I didn't know this existed. I was on a different computer and was looking for my blog. I typed in hopenminded and the search came back with this . I had no idea there was a dictionary entry on me.

It made me giggle inside as I thought of the many people who really did NOT like me when they first met me (online). After some time of them tolerating my "hippie dippie happy" view on life and my openness to most ideas, no matter how strange they seemed to main stream society, most of these people came to understand me better and most actually like me. A few just tolerate me or ignore me and I'm ok with that. I understand everyone is different and needs different influences in there life.

I am always amazed at this life we live. It's such a fun journey. I love the growth and change that comes with age and experience. I don't know exactly why I get to be so (for the most part) peaceful NOW, but I am so thankful for it. Maybe its true that all things must have balance in life. My childhood was the stuff of horror movies, so it only makes sense that now I should be happy and safe.

I have a strong passion to give peace to others. I want so much to bring them this feeling I have. I am not exactly sure how to do it. I'm searching for my way in this one. I know I wont fit into a traditional therapists "chair". No I need something with a wider spectrum. I need to be free to give the truth from my heart and mind not from just a text book. I think they call these people Life Coaches. Sounds kinda wacky to some, but in my search I have found so many people looking to Life Coaches to help them change their lives. What a wonderful way for me to share my Hopenmindedness.


  1. Ha! that's so cool that you're in the urban dictionary, rock on!

    I suppose it would be a good start for me to even *want* to feel that way.. but I don't. I have no desire to feel comfortable in my life anymore, too scary. ;)

  2. lol.. didn't finish..

    I was going to add, I'm very happy that you have found peace in your life and have reached a place where you can enjoy the ride - even the bumps! You certainly deserve it! :)

  3. Oh my darling. I fully understand your hesitance to be comfy. I know that feeling very well. My prayer for you is that your time of peace will come before your time on this earth is over. You MOST certainly deserve it.