Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Full of SHIT!


The following blog may have some content that you might find ICKY. If your sensitive to poo conversations then don't read any further and go about your happy little day.

I normally post about positive things. This will be positive in the end, I promise. I can never just leave a negative situation to fester and become worse. There must always be a solution with some sort of happy ending.

So here is my problem. Im tired of SHIT. In my daily life (on good days) I have to clean up lots of shit.

1x a week clear all the cat shit from my front yard (idiotic neighbors who like to feed all the strays)
2x a day doggy poo duty (I dont mind this at all)
1x a day cat box duty (not a big deal)
2-4 x a day Greysin diaper duty
2-3 x a day wipe Blu's butt ( i am grateful he is now going in the toilet instead of a diaper)
1x a day checking that Bekah properly wiped her own ass
1x a day well then there is my own personal wiping needs

NOW lets add to my normal list:

1-2 x a day clearing out the shit of some sick stray cat who poops inside the planters of my veggie garden.....grrrr and its filled with maggots. The crap doesNOT sit there more than a few hours cause i check it several times a day so that means there is some sick cat walking around with maggots/eggs inside its body. This makes my skin crawl and I feel obligated to find this animal and help it.

4-5 x a day these past 2 days cause poor Greysin is sick and has the horrible stinky runs.
3-4 times these past 2 days cause im house/dog sitting for my neighbor who has 2 dogs and the big one shits the size of 2 small kittens and he has the runs and blood in his stool....K YEAH NO!!!! I dont want to clean this up. I dont mind the small dogs itty bitty turds but now they have also turned to diarrhea so Im screwed


Here is my plan. Im going to first go rent 1 or 2 live traps to catch the cat who shits in my garden and one on the other side of our house where I have spotted 2 baby (stray) kittens, from my idiotic neighbors who dont believe in fixing cats. They feed the sick and infected strays but think Im the freakin' DEBIL cause i want to humanely trap them and get them HELP....im a little bitter about my neighbors as you can plainly see.

So anyhoo, trap these strays and get them out of here. Im also going to put pointy skewers around all my plants so if i cant catch this cat at least it cant crap on my veggies anymore. Im hoping this works cause I have already tried moth balls, a cayenne mix sprayed around, and coffee grounds. Next i will try chicken wire.

I dont have a solution for my neighbors(the nice neighbor) sick dogs, i dont mind dog/house watching for her, we do each other favors all the time. I just feel bad cause I cant bring myself to clean up those GIANT craps from her big dog, i almost vomit just going near them. On the bright side, now she will be aware that her dog is sick and needs to get some help.

I told you ...........full of shit. I wasn't kidding.


  1. Dude. I'm sick of the shit too.

    I still have 2 in diapers. But at least we are now down to just ONE cat. ;) (but due to having an essentially four story house, we have 4 litter boxes)

  2. lol, i feel ya, i have a ton of foster kittens right now (18, and one mom), so i am constantly cleaning cat poo!

    what do you plan on doing with the cat's you trap? please don't take them to the pound. contact a rescue group first, the pound will put them down in a heartbeat. the one that had "maggots" in his stool, probably has worms, they look a lot like maggots but it's really easily treated. There are a ton of rescue groups in the area, try "animal outreach", "cats about town society" "purrs for you", or "happy tails".

    good luck with all the poop! lol

  3. HOLY CAT CRAP batman....18 kittens...yikes. unfortunately if i do catch the stray kittens i think its best they be put to sleep. the cats have been inbreeding and inbreeding for generations and they are as dumb as rocks and mostly disabled and or retarded. But if a rescue will take them im fine with that too. I have not had very much luck with any of the rescues you mentioned in the past.

    The cat with the maggots/giant worms what ever well i need to find out who it is first. If its my 15 yr old cat who refuses to come home for the last 5yrs then he is going to get put to sleep. If its a neighbors cat i will turn it into the rescue with information on who the owner is. in hopes they force them to give it medical care. truthfully i hope to catch the mama cat and get her out of here, a rescue would be fine i dont care just not here.

  4. churchpunkmom, why do you have 4 cat boxes. I have 2 cats and one box out in the garage. they have to meow at the door if they need to go potty.

  5. we were having some feline potty training issues with Olivia and her offspring. it was recommended that we have one box on each level of the house per cat. so we would have had about 20.. we compromised and set up 4 (just one on each level).

    now that we have just Kelly, we'll probably do away with one or two of them.. but she's old and i don't think it would be fair to expect her to run up and down 2-3 flights of stairs just to go potty.. but one flight should be okay. ;)

  6. Chin up it could be worse! haha Hope tomorrow is less shitty for you!

  7. what a shitty problem! (sorry, couldn't resist)

    You gotta get blu wipin' his own rear here soon. I know, because I gotta get Sophie wipin' hers too. So tired of wipin' butts! Thankfully, though, NO PETS! Small blessings.