Friday, May 15, 2009

Eyes are a burnin'

Let this woman sleep. Please. She deserves it. She is a powerful and might force when she has had enough sleep.

They all need me during the day, which is just fine with me. I like to be needed and do my job pretty damn well but at some point sleep.....................good solid and sound sleep should enter the picture. I hit my pillow and my body is still running and my mind is still flying. Sleep is the last thing I can do. Im figuring there is a damn good reason for this lack of sleep. Possibly some wonderful and magical epiphany will strike me and i will become further enlightened. Yes lets go with that theory and see how far we get.

So no matter how much I might like to dream and sleep in my comfy bed. I guess I can just wait it out with my eyes a burnin'.


  1. awe, babe.. I'm sorry you're having trouble sleeping! Sleep is so essential to your health and well-being, especially when raising little ones!

    is it an ongoing problem? if so, you might talk to a doctor about it or look up some info on improving your sleep habits. I hope you can get some rest soon!

  2. I think its just me. Im just so busy with kids stuff/needs all day and i am coming into wanting to do things for me. I need to find balance so i have time for myself during the day to complete the things I personal enjoy (alone). It's coming around. I am working with a husbands ever changing schedule so once i get going it changes up again. PLUS i have discovered who wakes me every morning before the kids. Im so after it right now. im going to get video proof tomorrow morning and post here about it.