Friday, May 29, 2009

Saving one good guy at a time

Our action hero's day started off like any other day. Getting ready for school. Making crazy faces at their mom.

Then out of no where life got a little dangerous and strange. First Miss Fussy Pants was run over by a seahorse.

We soon discovered this was just a distraction plan by the evil and treacherous Mr. Slime. He laughed at our hero's as his evil plan to kill all the Lady Bug Guards went into action.

The lady bugs work for our hero's Miss Fussy Pants and Super Bluey. They guard the threshold of the fortress and warn of incoming spies......the Sneaky Aphid Infiltrators.

Little did Mr. Slimy know Miss Fussy Pants and Super Bluey had a plan to trap Mr. Slimy and his Snail Trail Troopers. Their punishment would be the salt mines.

Sadly the Snail Trail Troopers had been able to get some of the Lady Bug Guards into the pit of no return. Thinking quickly Miss Fussy Pants and Super Bluey called for Giganto Hand Lady to come and whisk them off to save the Lady Bug Guards from death.

Giganto Hand Lady gently placed the Hero's down at the edge of the pit of no return.

Super Bluey did the dirty work getting deep inside the pit to fish out the dying Lady Bug Guards. It was tedious and dangerous work but his heart drove him on.

Miss Fussy Pants waited on the edge of the pit to safely carry any injured Lady Bugs to safety.

She was successful in saving one very wet but special Lady Bug. The leader of the Guards Two Tone Tony.

His special outer covering was like no other guard. It set him apart and made the others look up to him. Its no wonder he survived. He is one strong Bug.

Two Tone Tony took a long and much needed rest on the arm of Giganto Hand Lady. First traveling up her tree arm.

Finally taking his rest at the home base....the Father of all Lady Bug Guards the shrine of the Big Bubba Blue. The only other lady bug since the beginning of time to be set apart for its differing color and uncanny ability to lead the troops.

Another evil plan has been foiled. All is well in Nuxville and Miss Fussy Pants and Super Bluey are training their new side kick Malodorous Boy how to tame the wild and fuzzy back yard spider to be an informant and warn them of their arch nemesis future plans.

Until the next installment.


  1. What brave Heroes!
    I love your story. :D

  2. haha That was Great! I cant wait to read more!!!

  3. I heart you, Giganto Arm Lady.